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Drink to forget

The two old ladies

Two very pretty old ladies
Mariana and Marina,
are sitting on the balcony:
Marina and Mariana.

They wear gowns of ribbons,
Mariana and Marina,
and braided hairstyles:
Marina and Mariana.

Drink chocolate, old ladies,
Mariana and Marina,
in porcelain cups:
Marina and Mariana.

One says: “What a beautiful evening,
isn’t it Marina? ”
The other says: “Just as the waves dance,
Mariana isn’t it? ”

“Yesterday I was little,”
Marina says.
Yesterday, we were children, ”
says Mariana.

And take to mouth the little cups,
Mariana and Marina,
the cups of porcelain:
Marina and Mariana.

Drink chocolate, old ladies,
Mariana and Marina,
in porcelain cups:
Marina and Mariana.

Cecilia Meireles

Viennese hot chocolate

For 4 people:

125 g chocolate 70%
500 ml mineral water
50 g powdered sugar
25 g cocoa powder

150 ml cream with about 35% fat
10 g powdered sugar
Cocoa for dusting

Chop the chocolate and put in a bowl.
Boil water and sugar in a saucepan and bring to light boil.
Add cocoa powder and bring to boil again, beating vigorously.
Pour over the chocolate slowly, stirring to mix and beat again.

Beat the cold cream, mixing the sugar, until firm.
Pour the chocolate into cups, put the cream on top and sprinkle with cocoa.
Serve immediately.

Source: Pierre Hermé


19 Responses to “Drink to forget”

  1. Nancy @ TheSensitivePantry em 22 August, 2010

    Lovely. The poem. The photo. The recipe. Just very lovely. I have had cioccolata calda in Venice and it was superb! I look forward to trying this to bring back the wonderful memory.

  2. Jennifer em 22 August, 2010


  3. schlachtplatte em 22 August, 2010

    So glad to see you are posting new recipes again!

  4. Magi Glucker em 22 August, 2010

    Beautiful words, amazing photos, tasty hot chocolate.


  5. Family Law Melbourne em 22 August, 2010

    It is the best winter

  6. Chocolate Freckles em 24 August, 2010

    Wow who wouldn’t want this in a cold day!!..

  7. Clara em 24 August, 2010

    Fico contente que me tenhas lido :).This hot chocolate is a true temptation.What about some cupcakes, the real ones made with butter and icing sugar ???

    Kisses :)

  8. Jelena em 26 August, 2010

    Food and drink, poems and music…that is the beginning of art!

  9. jesper em 26 August, 2010

    Why mineral water? should it be sparkling?
    And thank you for this wonderful collection of great recipes.

  10. Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes em 2 September, 2010

    I love your blog! Especially the layout of your pastries. I gave you an award on my blog! Its under the cheesecake brownies post which is the newest post. Please go check it out!

  11. Paula em 8 September, 2010

    oh, I really like that hot chocolate!

  12. Brittany em 12 September, 2010

    This is a lovely recipe. And your blog is a delight to read.

  13. Zoe em 16 September, 2010

    I LOVE the photography on your website. Kudos to Miguel for focusing on the food, instead of the usual food photography consisting of props galore. Stunning!

    Is your cookbook available in English? I’m dying to purchase a copy. (I’d ask this via the contact form, but it was not working for me, I apologize)

  14. pity em 19 September, 2010

    chocolate and cream, a delicious escap to our senses, lovely photos, cheers from london

  15. Suzanne em 24 October, 2010

    Wonderful poem … lovey

  16. Jamie em 25 October, 2010


    Just like that, my heart slows. Thank you for this.

  17. Justcakegirl em 29 October, 2010

    I want that now :)))) so amazing :))

  18. thepinkpeppercorn em 9 November, 2010

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  19. Jun em 26 November, 2010

    I can’t believe I didn’t find your blog sooner. Thanks for sharing

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